From the basics to advanced concepts, a collection of links to various knowledge articles.



Introduction to HTML

At its heart, HTML is a fairly simple language made up of elements, which can be applied to pieces of text to give them different meaning in a document.

What is accessibility?

Accessibility is the practice of making your websites usable by as many people as possible.


Learn to style HTML using CSS

HTML is used to define the structure and semantics of your content, CSS is used to style it and lay it out.

Basic Concepts of grid layout

CSS Grid Layout introduces a two-dimensional grid system to CSS. Grids can be used to lay out major page areas or small user interface elements.

Relationship of grid layout to other layout methods

CSS Grid Layout has been designed to work alongside other parts of CSS, as part of a complete system for doing the layout.

CSS Combinators

Combinators are used to combine CSS selectors to create more complex selectors.

CSS Diner (Game)

A game to help you learn and practice CSS selectors.

Flexbox Froggy (Game)

A game for learning CSS flexbox.

Grid Garden (Game)

A game for learning CSS grid layout.



A re-introduction to JavaScript

Why a re-introduction? Because JavaScript is notorious for being misunderstood. It is often derided as being a toy, but beneath its layer of deceptive simplicity, powerful language features await.

The Modern JavaScript Tutorial

How it's done now. From the basics to advanced topics with simple, but detailed explanations.

JavaScript Cheatsheet

This basic cheat sheet, mostly based on the lessons on freeCodeCamp, tries to provide a basic reference for beginner and advanced developers and lower the entry barrier for newcomers.

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